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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela
The seeds of a person’s success are sown with the education he/she is been imparted in the school and in the college. Education lays the foundation of a better life for a person. To know the things happening around and the reason why they occur should be the goal of the education. Each phase of education has a role to play in a person’s life, the primary education is the introductory education that teaches the child how to take the first step towards understanding the world. Secondary education helps an individual to know the different phenomena happening around be it social or scientific. Higher education chisels a person’s character and it is most formative of all as it defines the career goals of an individual. A person’s future is primarily the work of the education which he/she is being imparted.
The technology has touched every part of our lives and education is not untouched by it. Latest developments have resulted a new plethora of avenues for every curriculum to flourish. The goal of education is not only to brighten up the future of an individual but also of the entire country. A country’s growth and development is directly proportional to education given to it’s countrymen. A nation is progressive if the individuals living there are educated and well versed.
Educated people do not use violence or force to get the solution to a problem, but they use their education as a weapon against any impediment in their life. Education not only develops the mental horizon of a person but also help in solving many social and environmental concerns. Doctors, engineers, architects, technologists, scientists, philosophers, authors, and artists they all work towards making a harmonious society and a successful nation. Human resource is the most valuable of all resources for a country, as skilled people are an asset that can write the destiny of that country. To an individual education exercises a positive impact on a person’s personality and forms a constructive citizen who would work towards the development of the society and humanity. A sustainable growth rate can be achieved by a workforce that is educated and knows what suits the best for the development of human race. With education comes the most important norm of the society into play which is equality on which a race’s entire development is dependent.
Education is an enabler. It deems the success of a society. It leads to inventions and discoveries of new approaches, phenomena and theories of life and nature. For a person’s better future education enables a gamut of opportunities for his/her livelihood and this would result in the financial stability of an individual. Education results in virtuous adults, who would understand the need of the hour for a society’s success and always work towards it, with growth leading consequences. Knowledge is power and with education comes the knowledge. The entire process of taking education is gaining knowledge and then giving that back to the society based on one’s faculties. Education is both the goal and the end.
Globalizations is the outcome of education and it has merged different cultures and nations and unified them by breaking the barriers of caste and race and infusing a wave of acceptance , newer discoveries and exchange of ideas. To deal with the competition a sound and robust education system is of paramount importance in order to make competitive individuals with sound principles. Education promotes well-being and high standards of living. Almost everything can be achieved by education. The Impoeducated individuals use the power of knowledge instead the power of weapons. The vitality of attaining education has been realized by people across the world as it leads to empowerment of the nations, societies and individuals. The environmental sensitivity enhances with education hence the approach to deal with any unforeseen threat also improves. The latest scientific and technological developments are the results of a sound educational system, which the individuals have absorbed and leveraged for their advantage and for the betterment of the world in which we live in. Education aids in shaping a better world and a humane society to be in.
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