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They say “together everyone achieves more”, and it’s not a myth, but a well-established fact. A herculean task can be divided into pieces and can be achieved in lesser time with more hands doing it. It ensures higher degree of success and also the higher availability of the deliverables in an effective way. There are various factors that lead to a successful team, as not all teams can be successful. These factors are crucial for the successful execution of the tasks: a. Delegation of work to the various team members based on their strengths and weaknesses. Ensuring each member has a piece of work to do and he/she is committed to doing that. b. Efficiency of the team, and aligning it to the goals of the team is a determining factor to achieve a certain goal on time and with quality. c. Innovation, is the backbone of any organization’s success and a team that is committed to innovation and ideas and also have the ability to execute them makes it a successful team. d. Support for each other during the time of crisis is another important factor for the success. Each member should support the other during the time of challenges in order to effortlessly achieve a goal. e. Problem resolution is the best output of teamwork where multiple minds work towards solving a problem/problems and do it in a synergic manner. f. To monitor the progress and measure the chunk of the work assigned to each member by maintaining a checklist on a regular basis is the core for a timely delivery. g. For an operational team to work successfully, the most important factor is the communication. To set the right expectations with the team members, to give them clear directions of what is to be done and to empower them is a way of downward communication. To highlight the stumble blocks and to report the gaps in the work machinery is another way of upward communication. h. Unity is the most fruitful aspect of a teamwork, wherein people work with synergy and gel up well which reflects in their deliverables and are not confrontational towards each other, which leads to harmony within the team. i. Learning and development is promoted by the teams working together and the members within the same team. Each person is unique in himself/herself and his/her qualities can be imbibed by others in the team. Learning new skills, honing the existing ones by coming in touch with other team members is the best giving of working in a team. Teamwork is essential in today’s cross functional scenario where different teams work in different ways in order to achieve a common goal. The symbiotic relationship among the different members is a prime aspect of a successful team building and formation. Team building is an exercise for making sure that the right set of people are grouped together to align themselves towards a common target. While selecting or forming a team, the individual team members’ personalities should be carefully analyzed in order to capitalize on their strengths to the maximum. The skill sets should be properly chosen keeping in mind the goals of the team. The dynamics of the team should be kept intact by grouping relevant people together and harness their potential. These strategies will maximize the positives and make the team members happier when they work with their strengths and right set of people. Teamwork is the output of working in collaboration. It is dependent on a gamut of factors for making any assignment a success or a failure. The team members who exhibit higher emotional intelligence are likely to make a team a successful one. The competition among the team members should always be healthy and devoid of personal interests. They should always work towards a higher goal. Each member should respect his/her peers and take each other’s opinion with mutual respect be it a positive or a negative. Teamwork is always successful under the able leadership, so the team leader should be someone whom the team members look upon as their role model and not the one who drags them towards something. A successful team is the one that delivers despite of it’s shortcomings.
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