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I remember that unusual evening when due to thunderstorm and heavy rains there happened a power cut all around the city, which is a rare sight in a metropolitan and the entire city had come to a slowdown, with power backups running here and there, but not everywhere. As they say every negative incident surely has some positive impact on one’s life and that precisely what happened on the other day, we a nuclear family of just four sat to gather after years of globalization that took place in early 2000, with no gadgets in hands and no laptops switched on to sustain our livelihood. That day we got a happy realization that life has become a race to earn money and maintain a status, with no or least importance to, giving it, a quality. Families live under one roof but they don’t hold conversations with each other and eventually they sink into a strange world of machines and smart devices leading them into many diseases, most common of it, is depression. Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest had led to an unfit population across the world, where people abandon their health for money and spend a fortune of it when their health deteriorates in their quest to sustain in the rat race.
The diseases which were once a rarity have become a commonplace now. The ailments that were confined to a certain segment of people have now spread over to all forms of people be it children or the adults. The chronic diseases have surfaced due to bad eating habits, sedentary lifestyle and contaminated environment. The gadgets have replaced people and good things in life. Now-a-days people use Fitbit to monitor their fitness , the steps they have taken and the hours of sleep they have had , all this is not measured by them but by a gadget , because people in their busy schedule don’t walk and don’t sleep enough. Another most glorified misgiving of this mad rush to attain supremacy in the rat race is “Depression”. A lot of people have started to feel insecure of their peers , their mates others around them when they are unable to compete with them the way they should , as a result they harbor low self-esteem for themselves and it becomes totally impossible for them to come out of that world on their own. The younger generation is increasingly suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes, impaired vision, vertigo, spondylolysis, arthritis , obesity and many more unusual and serious sicknesses. The long working schedules and demanding professional culture of most of the organization where going ahead in the race to achieve big is more important than striking the work life balance. This cut throat competition and human tendency to sacrifice health in order to add to the wealth with each passing year is the primary reason of the booming medical and healthcare industry. What people fail to understand is that the money that they earn by losing their well-being will go away to gain their fitness back once they fall ill. Some diseases live with people forever and only continuous medication can stabilize the situation but not completely cure it, one such widespread sickness, and the most common one among working professionals is Diabetes. There is no time to exercise owing to the packed schedule of the working people or corporates or businessmen and to save time they use easier media like gadgets , automobiles etc. to buy time for them and utilize it in for work. The natural therapies like Yoga, Ayurveda have attained a status of healers due to their least side effects and long lasting impacts. However, the worth of these are not realized among the gen Z. They tend to use gadgets and artificial means to keep themselves supposedly healthy and aware. Money and property are predominant in people’s lives and health and healthy ways are not. The most precious asset of human life which is health, that is, neglected and thwarted by the materialistic assets. If money would have been worthy enough to give up one’s health then all rich people would be the happiest people of the world and the poor people would not been able to survive the vagaries of life. That’s why they rightly say a healthy mind lies in a healthy body and not in a rich body.
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