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Mistaking identity and malicious activities are potentially the most threatening act of today’s times when entire world has become virtual and every transaction – message or money is no longer through the physical exchange but over the internet. The phishing is on the money by which they try to get access to an individual’s account and make transactions in his/her name without authorization and suddenly the account holder is left flabbergasted by the huge amount which had been deducted from his account without his information. Sadly this attack is untraceable and the possibility of the person to be zeroed down is unlikely in most of the cases.
In these hard times when the individuals are attacked virtually, cryptocurrency is a boon for the users of online services. It’s ability to remain virtual and decoded by the person makes it the need of the hour. The first of its kind is Bitcoin an invention of Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008. In a layman’s term we can call it as electronic cash, however just as other currencies it does not have a centralized authority to govern its circulation and usage. What makes cryptocurrencies a buzzword or interesting is its ability to operate without a centralized authority in a peer-to-peer network. As the banks operate wherein a transaction by an account holder is registered in the bank records and no one has the authority to alter it similarly cryptocurrency is a record in the database instead of the ledger and no one has the right to modify it until a set of pre requisites are fulfilled. Instead of handing over the notes from the bearer to the recipient the amount is transferred as Bitcoin using a digital private key in place of a signature and also both the parties have the history of that transaction. Then the most important step in this process is the confirmation of that transaction, which until is done can’t be said to realize and once confirmed it is irreversible and unforgeable by the malicious activities, as it turns into a crypt. Once the confirmation is received the entry is made on all the nodes (peers) in the network and is broadcasted. As there is no central authority for giving the confirmation to the cryptocurrency peer network has miners, these are the nodes who have to decrypt a hash code before qualifying to be a miner, and with each confirmation the miners get additional Cryptocurrency in their account.
The cryptocurrency cannot be compromised because it is not guarded by the guards but by complex mathematical algorithms of cryptography. Cryptocurrency is the future of transactions because it has some distinguishing features which makes it to stand out of the usual bank’s methodology for conducting transactions. The account holders of the peer network are just pseudonyms which are a set of alphanumeric characters to identify them and it’s highly impossible to trace back them to the real individuals making it impossible for Person to forge in.
The phenomenon of cryptocurrency which is slowly attracting more users and poses as a threat to the centralized money transactions will surely help in regulating the black money flow in the market. Everything is fast and it is secure and it does not have any regulatory body that can manipulate the usage of the currency. The cryptocurrency attracts more and more investors from and its market is surging from a net worth of 18$ billion to 180$ billion which is an enormous increase in a year. However in spite of making a promising start and showing the future of the world currency the market experts have noticed an uneven behavior of rise and fall in the value of cryptocurrency. As a result of which people still are skeptical about investing in these types of currencies as their faith quiet lies in gold standard of money transaction. The only strong player that reigns supreme in the market of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin since the time of its invention. Future of cryptocurrency is bright as generation z totally relies on the virtual base of activities. It has a long way to go, to be accepted by all nations alike and before it widens its network from peer-to-peer to the worldwide networking with everyone using it.
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