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तेंडूलकर आऊट Directed by: Swapneel Jaykar / Year: 2013

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Story Outline: Three men, Nayar (Santosh Juvekar), Abbas (Vijay Maurya) and Lefty (Aniket Vishwasrao) have taken up the task of finishing off Sunil Tendulkar (Sayaji Shinde), maker of B-grade films. He always makes films with his favorite actress and concubine Velvet Manisha (Sai Tamhankar). On the other hand, Tendulkar’s wife (Neelam Shirke) also has an extra-marital relationship with Dhanu (Atul Parchure). Will the trio succeed?
Review: As expected, Swapneel Jaykar’s 10dulkar Out has nothing to do with the cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar, despite the title and the fact that the film released on the day the Master Blaster played the very last innings of his career. But the real reason for the film not working is a poor story or rather, hardly a story. It is only due to some hilarity here and there that you manage to sit through it.
The film does start on a promising note though. As the trio goes about trying to execute their task, you are treated to some genuinely funny moments. The running cricket commentary to describe the situation of the trio works very well indeed and becomes the biggest plus point of the film.
But you soon realize that the story isn’t going anywhere. You anxiously wait for something to happen but it just doesn’t until the last few moments. Although the final culmination is somewhat interesting, it doesn’t amuse you since the journey towards the climax hasn’t been a pleasant one. Apart from some silly moments, a big reason for this is the sub-plot about Tendulkar’s wife and Dhanu. Barring one rib-tickling moment, it doesn’t offer much. Also, the way they have tried to induce humor through Tendulkar’s wife’s labor pain appears a bit sadistic.
The film also suffers from being historically inaccurate. The entire movie centers around the 2003 World Cup match between India v/s Pakistan. However, the characters are seen using smart phones of today’s times. This is not all. They have shown the aforementioned match going right down to the wire. But in reality, India had won very easily.
The songs (Amar Mohile) are forgetful while the technical aspects (cinematography, background score and editing) fall in the above-average category.
Three years ago Director Nitin Kamble had used his creativity to present a sensitive subject showing the contrast between two generations and passing a social message of understanding true human relations through his film 'Dho Dho Pavsatli One day match' In that film, he had cleverly used the clean image of master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, to connect with his screenplay, on the backdrop of cricket commentary during crucial scenes.
Now, director Swapnil Jaykar presents his film '10dulkar Out' once again on the backdrop of cricket commentary; but, choosing a story of one night, about three men engaged in a deal to kill a film producer with the name of Sunil Tendulkar. And that is the big difference between these two films.
In the film '10dulkar Out', the character Mr. Tendulkar(Sayaji Shinde) , who is a producer of C grade films, has himself planned the delivery of his pregnant wife( Neelam Shirke) to coincide with the birthday of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, so that his son could become like Sachin. Like her flamboyant husband, who flirts with his artiste Velvet Manisha ( Sai Tamhankar), Ms. Tendulkar too has her boyfriend Dhanu ( Atul Parchure) who is always dressed up in blue shirt with No.10.
Santosh Juvekar, Sayaji Shinde As Sunil Tendulkar dances with his Velvet in a night club, the trio comprising of Lefty ( Aniket Vishwasrao), Sharpshooter Nayar( Santosh Juvekar) and Abbas ( Vijay Maurya) also follow him. While Lefty tries to flirt with the girls around , the other two spend their maximum time in the fresh room., playing pranks and testing the patience of the audience. While Ms. Tendulkar is trapped in her own house in the company of her boyfriend with her labour pains, the trio fail in their attempts to finish off Sunil Tendulkar. And during one of the scenes in the screenplay, you come to know, who has hired the contract killers.
Every time an important happening takes place in the film, we hear the cricket commentary in the background, resembling the action filled situation. And that is the only best part of humour noticed in this film. The film has been dragged for almost 1 hour 15 minutes before interval, without creating any interesting situation. It is only in post interval stage, the screenplay takes some momentum, to conclude in a farcical form.
The ultimate motive behind making this film is just to present an action filled entertainment, using the surname of Sachin to generate curiosity. Luckily for the film maker, the master Blaster played his last innings on the day of its release and became out on the same day, with a respectable score. By the way, don't mistake '10dulkar Out' as a tribute to the Master blaster. The film has just used his name and its release time, to coincide with his retirement from Cricket.
Talking about the performances, all the artistes have done a good job, including those in supporting cast,. Aniket, Santosh and Vijay make a good team. The director has made them behave differently, exposing the attitude of their characters at different situations. But, Sayaji simply rocks with his flamboyant looks. Neelam and Atul support well. However, Sai Tamhankar is a waste in the film. She doesn't find any scope in this film, except for shaking her legs during one of the songs while flirting with Sayaji and Aniket for a while. Amalendu Chaudhary's photography is good. Art direction is good. But, Music by Amar Mohile is just average, as this is not a musical film. The screenplay lacks grip, as there is less content and more farce
Talking about the performances, Santosh Juvekar underplays his character well and succeeds in expressing anger, tension and frustration. It’s good to see him after long. Vijay Maurya too plays his character well while Aniket Vishwasrao isn’t bad. Sayaji Shinde fits the bill but we have seen him do such things many times before.
A good performer like Sai Tamhankar is wasted. Neelam Shirke and Atul Parchure are decent but, as mentioned before, their sub-plot doesn’t work.
Overall, 10dulkar Out is let down due to the writing. It looks like the makers, like many others, are trying to cash in on the retirement of the great cricketer. The film stands no chance at the box office.
10dulkar Out, written by Yogesh Joshi and directed by Swapnil Jaykar, is an interesting effort in terms of concept. Going the other way from traditional preachy or melodramatic Marathi film, this film tries to entertain with creativity, which is an appreciable move.
Vijay Maurya is top-notch among the actors with his brilliant portrayal of the poor and sentimental Abbas. Sayaji Shinde puts in equal efforts to make his Tendulkar realistic and believable. Santosh Juvekar, otherwise a brilliant actor, appears less interested in playing his character here. Sai Tamhankar is worth-watching in the role of sultry Velvet Manisha. Actors Aniket Vishwasrao, Neelam Shirke and Atul Parchure contribute satisfactorily in creating most of the humor.
Keeping in view the creative potential of writer and director and their courage to do something new and uncommon, what strikes prominently is that the script could have been more thrilling and humorous also. There’s a visible possibility.
Though, 10dulkar Out has some genuine comic as well as tragic moments. It boasts of really interesting characters and equally suitable casting. The idea of using cricket commentary in the backdrop of events is very innovative and meaningful. Camerawork and editing score considerably high on technical front and gel well with the film’s concept. 10dulkar Out falls short of perfection but the film kicks off a new kind of genre in Marathi cinema that today’s youth, or say the multiplex audience, loves to enjoy. The film is undoubtedly enjoyable.

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