Watch Marathi Natak Purushottam Karandak Winner 10 Ekanikika Online
पुरुषोत्तम करंडक गाजलेल्या १० एकांकिका Directed by: Annirudh Dindorkar / Year: 2014

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Who does not know Purushottam Karandak, it ‘s the Purushottam Karandak, it’s prestigious. This is an inter collegiate theather one act play competition which has gives us binding between great directors and actors like Jabber patel , Vikram Gokhale, upendra Limaye a host of other yonger and theatre perosnalites. This competition is one of its kind and showcase the best one act plays.
This is the prestigious because some well-known theatre personalities, it is their first platform. We are certain many would like to come back, share their experiences and reminiscence about their time here. During the initial phases of this competition college students used to present one act plays written by well know person names but later, students were encouraged to write them. This nurtured some of the finest writing talents in colleges.
This competition has launched many people who became famous names in theatre and later films and serials. Many of them have fond memories of those days. This is the golden jubilee of this event and the programmers at the golden jubilee celebrations will relive these memories.
Every decade or so, there is a generational shift in the participants of the competition and new trends emerge. Over the years, plays performed at this competition have influenced commercial theatre and in turn been influenced by that circuit The competition saw some amazing stories of the human spirit being staged by the students.
We are going to present the winning one act for last 2-3 years. Please don’t miss this one act play. This is the perfect example of great acting, direction , different script that too which limited resources.

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