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संस्कृती कलादर्पण गौरव पुरस्कार २०१८ Directed by: Channel / Year: 2018

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For the past 14 years Sanskuti Kala Darpan has been felicitating personalities from stage and film industry, by declaring various awards for them. This year they have spread their wings further by organizing a Drama and film festival at the beginning of this year. The winners will be declared during the Sankruti Kala Darpan Gaurav Rajani AwardsPresident of Sanskruti Kala Darpan had a great day on Thursday evening, as it was his birthday and also announcement of nominations for the prestigious Sanskriti kala darpan awards for the thirteenth year in succession. After the birthday boy announced the nominations in different categories, Ms. Archana Nevrekar, Vice president of Sankruti Kala Darpan announced that this year they decided to cut down on unnecessary expenditures. "We have decided to use this saved money amounting to around Rs. 11 lakhs by helping the people in drought affected area of Maharashtra. But, there will be no cut on the prize money to be given to the individual winners and production houses," she stated.
While answering to the queries raised by media persons, related to distribution of aid; Mr. Pramod Pawar, actor and committee member of Sanskriti Kala Darpan, said that they propose to adopt a village and distribute free seeds to all the farmers living in that village to enable them to take the next crop. Those present on the dais were Pradeep Kabre, Neelakanti Patekar, Smita Jayakar , Anjali Nevrekar, Chandrashekhar Sandwe, Pramod Pawar, Prajakta Kulkarni Dighe, Jayadevi, Sheetal Kardekar & Amruta Rao; who are associated with Sanskruti Kala Darpan committee. Those who joined later were Rekha Sahay, Sharad Ponkshe & Kanchan Adhikari.
Film, theater, series, news channels and others have been announced nominations for the awards kaladarpana culture to culture from FAO kaladarpana. Veteran actress Smita Talwalkar has been awarded by kalagaurava was announced. Kaladarpana Awards will be a special event in Mumbai . Film Department Mangesh Kulkarni, Thunder officer, Vijay Patkar; The drama department named Ajit Kelkar, stayed Joshi and television division line help, Smita Jaykar, Let 's fight Patekar has worked as a tester.
Announced the nominations are as follows Best digdarsaka Samir vidwans (Chaapa Kata), Ajit bhure (Alibaba and chalis Thieves), Kumar Sohoni (Janmarahasya). Best actor Sushil Inamdar (Death of a Kokare), Chinmaya Mandlekar (mr. And Mrs.), Mohan Joshi (Todhas Logic Todhas Magic), Swapnil Joshi (Get well soon), Arun hornekara (Rasomana). Best atrinetri fiery (Ekada Pahave Karun), Madhura Velankar-Satam (min. And Mrs.), Prane Pethe (asadhatila ek Diwas), Amita Khopkar (janmarahasya), Mukta Barve (Chapa Kata). Another section of the play writer, comedian, comic actor, actress, assistant, assistant director, lighting, costume, music, pasrvasangita, rangabhusa, popular drama, drama and best drama and other notable nominations have been announced gatantahi. The film is a journey of 72 miles as the best film department, Dr. Prakash Baba amate The real hero of , worldliness, bhakharakhadi seven kilometers, phamdri these films have received nominations. Besides other nominations have been announced.

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