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शेंटिमेंटल Directed by: Sameer Patil / Year: 2017

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The police force in Maharashtra and specifically in Mumbai has seen some controversies in the recent past ranging from their low morale and long hours of duty to the poor pay scale, accusations of corruption and state of the residential quarters provided for them by the government. this film looks at a group of cops assigned to a particular police station and working together on a specific case, and while following up the case to its logical conclusion, comments on many aspects related to these controversies. Asst Police Sub Inspector (PSI) Pralhad Ghodke (Saraf) is the seniormost member of the police station and is tired after years of service in adverse conditions. Lack of respect at home has added to his woes. Asst. Police Inspector Dilip Thakur (Limaye) mistrusts the system and their younger friend Asst. PSI. Subhash Jadhav (Vikas Patil) has other problems. He has a speech problem that he is trying to overcome and has managed to take the love affair with a colleague (Pallavi Patil) to the next level, but has no time to get married. Stressed for months without a moment’s break, the trio finally gets an opportunity for a paid vacation. The mission is to recover the loot stolen by one Manoj Pande (Gorhe), safely hidden in a small town in Bihar. They end up getting more than they bargained for, namely a lesson in solidarity and humanity. The film generates most of the laughs while keeping the serious nature of the theme intact. Among other things, the film deals with the demoralising work conditions, corruption, impending depression, trust issues faced by anyone who joins the force. this film says that the job changes those who join the force and asks them to keep their integrity in the face of overwhelming negativity. The journey to Bihar in the post intermission part is unexpected, and well crafted. It plays with the typical Marathi convention of what a Bihari is, and turns it on its head. Raghubir Yadav playing Manoj Pande’s grandfather is a surprise package. He has done a fantastic job in Gajendra Ahire’s Silence recently, and he is in top form here. Talking of top form, the same thing can be said about most of the cast here, including but not limited to the star actor Ashok Saraf. The casting department needs to be congratulated for finding the apt performers for this ensemble cast. The film tends to get a bit ‘this film’ in the final scene when Pralhad talks about the need for the police and the public to form a bond of mutual respect. It reminded me of the climax of Poshter Boyz and seems entirely unnecessary. The rest of the film has already delivered the message. This is just a pointless repetition. But that’s a minor hiccup in a film that is otherwise a highly recommended watch.

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