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आणि.. डॉ.काशिनाथ घाणेकर Directed by: Abhijeet Shirish Deshpande / Year: 2019

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Is it possible for one actor to portray the legends Lokmanya Tilak, Bal Gandharva and Dr Kashinath Ghanekar on screen? A few days ago, my answer would have been ‘No’. Portraying the first two was a feat in itself for , but there was some physical resemblance, however marginal, between the actor and the characters he played. is a different ball game altogether. In real life, Bhave looks nothing like Kashinath. And yet, he embodies the character so well, that soon we forget about the physical discrepancies between the two and accept him for what he becomes — the first superstar of Marathi theatre, Dr Kashinath Ghanekar. as Dr Shreeram Lagoo, Suhas Palshikar as Master Dattaram and Prasad Oak as Prabhakar Panshikar, give remarkable performances. Most of them bear even less resemblance to the personalities they play when compared to Bhave and Kashinath, but they work in spirit, and that’s what counts. Nandita Dhuri and Vaidehi Parshurami play the first and the second wives of Kashinath. Not having been public figures, these two characters are not as familiar as most of the others, but the actors do their job well. How do you measure the significance of a person’s life, especially if it’s an actor we are talking about? It may not be entirely possible to do so. But in case of Dr Kashinath Ghanekar, an actor who was synonymous to stardom in the Marathi industry almost four decades ago, it is definitely possible to present his life on screen and Abhijeet Deshpande’s directorial Aani… Dr Kashinath Ghanekar does exactly that. Ghanekar, a dentist by profession, was a force to reckon with on not just Marathi theatre but in film as well. Throughout his life, he lived to pursue his passion for acting. The audience loved him yet, the sadness of his father not appreciating his work stayed with him till his last breath. To present the life of such a multi-layered personality is a big task and Deshpande has carried the responsibility on his shoulders with aplomb by bringing the person that Ghanekar was, alive on the big screen. The film falls short on recreating the era that the story is based in, but the performances and progress of the story keep the viewers hooked. Actors Sumeet Raghavn, Sonali Kulkarni, Prasad Oak and Mohan Joshi who play the reel versions of actors Dr Shriram Lagoo, Sulochana, Prabhakar Panshikar and Bhalji Pendharkar respectively, bring their top game to this film. However, the one person who shines the brightest is Ghanekar’s screen version, Subodh Bhave. He nails the role by incorporating the mannerisms and style of Ghanekar and is a treat to watch. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that going ahead, the mention of Kashinath Ghanekar would bring Bhave’s image in front of the eyes. All in all, the film is worth a watch

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