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नशीबवान Directed by: Amol Vasant Gole / Year: 2019

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Story: Inspired by writer Uday Prakash’s story Dilli Ki Deewar, the film speaks about how one’s destiny shapes the person. It does this through the story of Baban, a sanitation worker with the BMC, who discovers a hidden treasure that turns his life around. Review: Are you familiar with the legend of Icarus? In Greek mythology, Icarus is a character whose father builds him wings of feathers and wax to escape from Crete. Though Icarus is warned not to fly too close to the sun, lest his wax wings melt, he ignores the warning and does just that, ending up falling from the sky and drowning. Baban (Bhau Kadam) is the Icarus of Nashibvaan. A sanitation worker with the BMC, Baban struggles to make ends meet in his meagre salary. His home is in a dilapidated state, his loan instalments are overdue, and he has a family of four to feed. His wife (Mitalee Jagtap) works as house-help and tries to pitch in but it’s not enough. However, things change after Baban goes to ask for a Diwali bonus from a local jeweller (Yatin Karyekar). Initially, hesitant, the jeweller directs Baban to clean the filth around his shop and promises to reward him later. Little does Baban know that his fortune is going to change. While cleaning, he hits his broom on a wall and ends up making a dent in it. But through the dent, Baban gets the shock of his life. Inside, he finds a huge stash of black money. Stealing small amounts from it to start with, Baban moves on to picking huge amounts. His lifestyle changes but the wealth also comes with its share of cons. Through the film, director Amol Gole aims to address the age-old question- how much is too much? He succeeds in that, a la the Icarus story, and in the process, also documents the changes wealth brings in a person’s behaviour. Gole is ably supported by his actors who are the life and soul of Nashibvaan. Bhau Kadam moves out of his comfort zone with a role that gives him scope to explore shades of grey and he delivers exceptionally well. As his wife, Mitalee Jagtap makes the most of her role as does Neha Joshi.

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